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  • Teacher Training
    Hatha Yoga 500H

We offer in the Yoga Center of Montreux the opportunity for people looking for a deepening of the practice of yoga and those interested in becoming “yoga teacher”, the opportunity to attend training with the Yogi Patrick Nolfo and is wife Ardiana in tradition Atma Darshan Yogashram India. The training is mainly focused on the practice of yoga in itself for the purpose of teaching students to teach yoga and to deepen their own knowledge and practice.

The Yoga Center is an existing yoga school for many years and with many places where it is possible for students training to teach from the 2nd year of training. It will then be asked each student a level of investment in training since the end YogaCenter offers the possibility of training graduates to take over some classes.

Becoming a yoga teacher is a rewarding experience, both personally and professionally, the path of yoga is not an easy path and it is a tradition in India to have a “Yoga Master” that can guide the student in their learning. This is what we propose in the Yoga Center in Montreux.

Training modules

The training is divided into three modules having each a number of units; the total of the forming units is 600 units, namely:

  • 150 units of Theory classes
  • 400 units of Personal Practice classes with Patrick Nolfo
  • 50 units of Teaching classes

A course of 1h15 to 1h30 is equivalent to 1 unit. For a course beyond 1h30, the unit is equivalent to 60 minutes.

The training is divided into three modules: theory, personal practice and teaching.

Theory Module

150 units (about 50 per year).

This is to address the theoretical part of Hatha Yoga, this part of the training will include an important part of personal work. There will be over 150 units and a daily work with the references as bibliography.

Discussed subjects

  • Hatha Yoga (asanas, pranayama, meditation)
  • Philosophy (Samkhya, Bhagavad gita sutras Patanjali and the Upanishads)
  • Nutrition and kriya
  • Anatomy Physiology
  • Ayurveda
  • Biomechanics
  • Learning to how to teach Hatha Yoga

To close the first year, students will have to work a few pages on a topic chosen in agreement with the YogaCenter. As an exam, students will have to design and present a beginner level practical class.
To close the second year, students must pass a written exam and design in writing and present an intermediate level class.
To close the third year, students must pass a written exam and design in writing and present an advanced level class and write and defend a thesis on a topic chosen in agreement with the YogaCenter.

Personal Practice Module

400 units (about 140 per year).

This module is the most significant part of the training, it represents the most extensive hours of courses that the student must follow within the YogaCenter. Distribution of 400 units during training

  1. 150 free courses (beginner, intermediate or advanced level)
  2. 150 intermediate – level classes
  3. 100 advanced – leve classes

For a total of 400 units, the units can be counted with weekly courses YogaCenter and during the various courses offered (yoga retreat, fasting retreat, Summer Stage, Saturday and Sunday Workshops).

Teaching Module

50 units (about 25 per year)

As of the second year students begin the actual teaching. They will give yoga classes to YogaCenter’s customers gradually from a "Beginner" level to an "Intermediate" level.

From the 51st course, students will be paid symbolically CHF 25.- per course.

Assessment methods

The evaluation of the student training happens on two levels (practical and theoretical), there will be several parts:
1. Small annual synthesis work

Each year students will choose a theme linked to yoga  he would like to address and  do research on. His research on the subject should lead to a small written report as a record of about 10 pages. Each subject will be corrected and distributed to other students, and they will constitute a useful little thematic dossier for theoretical or practical examination that will take place at the end of the training.

2. Practical Final evaluation

First, each student will be practically evaluated by giving a class in each of the levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and will be evaluated by the responsible faculty. Then, students will also draw up a class from A to Z with all described and detailed sequences which will be corrected and evaluated.

3. Theoretical Final assessment
Based on the bibliography and summary records made during the years of training, will be developed an oral theoretical examination in which each student will be assessed by the teacher in charge.
4. Memory
Will be asked each student to choose a theme and a problem in the Yoga which he would like to do some personal research. The theme will be submitted to the responsible teachers and with the endorsement of the student can begin his research and writing of his personal work. The memory should be approximately 30-50 pages and will be discussed individually with the (s) teacher (s) responsible (s) for evaluation.

Yoga Teacher Diploma

After examinations and delivery of degree work, the student will get The Yoga Teacher Diploma appoved by ASCA & Yoga Alliance USA RYS500 allowing him to teach internationally.


One of the prerequisites is to have been at least a year of yoga practice before starting the training YogaCenter. The length of training can range from 3 to 5 years maximum, this will depend on the progress of the student in his “units” and its “maturity” to be able to become a yoga teacher.

Price of the training

The price of the training is:

  1. CHF 14’900.-, if paid at once
  2. CHF 15’600.-, if paid in three installments of CHF 5’200.- per year
  3. CHF 16’380.-, if paid in 36 times, or CHF 455.- per month

All group courses in Yoga Center during the week and on Saturdays and Sundays are included in the price formation.

Registration form

To register, please complete the Registration form and send it by email or post. Once your registration is accepted, you will be asked to pay a deposit of 200 CHF to confirm your booking.

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